Long Chairs Waltzing with the Waves

from by Jambori Jambora

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I've seen the movies, yes I've seen them all
About the teenagers in shopping malls
My sofa knows surely when I'm tired
Helps me to plug all the wires, please
I've gotta get away, drop my job, mama always said boy, some things'll never change
The lion points the torch towards my day to day life
if the sun can battle the cold
I'd probably find more sleep during my day to day nights
the sand is warm smells like her n.4 Chanel cologne
I wonder, if she thinks or not
she blinks her guts, loosens her knots / Montreal, my livers hanging

Red hair n' lips can you picture this
Red hair n' lips can you picture this, the boys know her kisses taste like liquorish.

Nonna told me boy most your friends'll let you down x2

The tide smiles it's time to sail away
chui entouré de mâtelot mais très peu veulent pagayer
au delà résonne l'écho, fuck, l'ampli au pied du golfe
entre les deux téléphones rouges , man les sirènes répondent pas
coup sec une douche froide
ma colonne vertébrale se raidît aussitôt
aussi tendu que le marbre suivant le ballant du bateau
Let em go, let em go
my cousins gettin' bored
one single matches soul rips
the funeral, my old ship
against all odds I got away
against all gods I swam my road out of the flames
d'ici je vois la perche fumer les entrailles qui me reste, le sofa gonflable qui me berce, valsant en passant le balais
je laisse ma mémoire mourir sous un lac de glace
jusqu'à ce que l'été n'arrive
laissé mariner ma salive pour l'hibernation d'après
avant que le printemps finalement n'atteigne le Maghreb.

Why don't you try to sleep a couple days?
see how your time can cost you centuries
loneliness, it won't leave me alone

Hope you're enjoying the show, watch out for the remote

Waitin' outside so many strangers are hopin' to get to know
oh mama, I can twist the worst crime without being the worst of the boys

Hope you're enjoying the show, watch out for the remote

Waiting, waiting.. what else can I say?
morning coughs for days

After weeks on drought the summer cries today
hope the heat won't stain

Basil n' chives to spark the flavors inside
Japanese cars sprawling over the morals
feels like the shame of a generation dying
but how can it die if it lived for nothing at all

Do what you long to say

Table cloths, modern art, painted toes
lifetime on your wall, in the eyes of god is this what you've sowed?

Hope you're enjoying the show, watch out for the remote

Homicides, old milwaukee dry, riffles bought by the deers
Visa credit card, sports man don't get caught, more pills every year

Hope you're enjoying the show, watch out for the remote

In retrospect I think she's sitting on my heart just for the arson of the end not for the fire of the start.
I've seen the movies, yes I've seen them all, the teenagers, the shopping malls, the mid days in the bathroom stalls.


from Internet Killed the Video Star, released December 13, 2016



all rights reserved


Jambori Jambora Montreal, Québec

Formed in late 2015, Small Talk is an independant jazz/rock band from Montreal composed of Guitarist/Singer/songwriter Justin Courcelles (j.Heftee), percussionnist Kelog Labrosse, and bass player/vocalist Mantisse. Around this centerpiece floats many musicians contributing to the diversity and versatility of the bands sound.

just listen to the damn record, the bio is seriously busting my balls.
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